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26 Jun

Collection Muse,Cabinet Gocce

The driving forces behind the first collection MUSE under the LLAB brand, are two brothers, Marco and Stefano Lovato, whose will and vision were translated into design by Luca Ferreccio, designer and university professor.
The clean but strong shape of each piece results from a  high level of craftmanship and a serious care for each manufacturing detail.

Inspired by one of the masters of the 20th century, Jean Arp, the ‘Gocce‘ cabinet stands out for its balance of form and functionality. The poetics of the sinuous lines that design the cabinet doors are enhanced by the particular marmorino finish. Gesture, movement, matter and light rewrite the rules of contemporary living.

The ‘Gocce‘ cabinet is designed for the center of the room, thanks to its bi-facial structure.

The internal organization of the cabinet is not trivial and reflects the same design care applied to the entire collection. Four geometric modules, made of canaletto walnut, can be positioned as desired to accommodate glasses, vases, plates and various objects.

This is the design that represents us, these are our values.