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26 Jun

Collection Muse,Dining Table Spirale

The driving forces behind The New Furniture Collection are two brothers, Marco and Stefano Lovato, whose will and vision were translated into design by Luca Ferreccio, designer and university professor.

The first collection of furniture comes from a careful research of some iconic XX century signs in architecture and art, re-interpreted in an original and unique way.
The overwhelming sculpture of Richard Serra and the play of fictions in the use of wood and corten, gives life to the dining table ‘Spirale‘.
A new and original reworking of expressive languages ​​belonging to the art world, where wood is exalted and framed by the expressive and tactile language of oxidized iron.
The design itself is a celebration of non-decoration and harmony between the transparency of the crystal table top and the sculptural shape of the conical base.
The clean but strong shape of each piece results from a  high level of craftmanship and a serious care for each manufacturing detail.
Form and function are perfectly balanced to highlight a new concept of contemporary living.

‘Spirale’ is available in different diameters: 180cm, 200cm, 220cm.


Today our experience embraces other materials and finishes, in order to respond to a broader concept of style.